Installation for SAG CDs and AGCI CDs under Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Install your SAG or AGCI CDs anywhere other than within the Program Files folder tree. This is easy to do:

  • start your CD installation as normal
  • when you're prompted to approve installing the CD search program into, for example, C:\Program Files\SAG\Rookwood Cemetery Transcriptions, type in an alternate directory, not part of the Program Files tree. For instance, C:\SAG\Rookwood Cemetery Transcriptions. 
  • complete the installation in your nominated directory and test that your installation works.

Help files

Since the launch of Vista, Microsoft decided not to install the means of displaying the Help files. As a result, a standard Vista to Win 10 installation will not allow access to help files installed by SAG and AGCI CDs. They're not alone - the help files installed by many programs published prior to 2006,  are in the same boat!

SOLUTION:  Click on HELP within the program.  This will take you straight to a download from the Microsoft site.